CAFAC needs you! We are a volunteer-founded and -driven organization, which means we rely on YOU as volunteers to achieve our mission. We are looking for creative, motivated, and committed individuals to help us stoke the fire.

Want to be a CAFAC volunteer?

If you're interested in helping us, please fill out our Volunteer Profile form ».

Volunteer groups

We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities that we can fit to your skills and interests. Here's a list of our primary groups:

Building and Shop Maintenance
This group has various opportunities for fabrication, repair of tools and equipment as well as maintenance of the building and equipment.

Clerical and Administrative
We need help with the behind-the-scenes details that keep our office and work spaces running like a top.

The gallery is our face to the street and we like it to glow. We can use the assistance of folks with experience in retail sales, customer service, product photography. A skilled team helps us keep the gallery open on a regular schedule.

It's a fire arts center, so the place gets a little gritty unless we stay on top of it. We love our gorgeous building, so join us as we whistle while we work... sweep, mop, dust...

Marketing and Events
Help us spread the the word! We would love assistance in social media, advertising, event planning, fundraising, creative writing, promotions, photography, catering and anything else you can think of that will help us share this great center with the community!

Special Projects
At CAFAC we develop and manage public art projects...which means there's an ever-changing list to-do list based on what's in the hopper. It's fulfilling, enjoyable, and hands-on work ideal for those of you with fabrication and other technical skills.