Volunteer Groups

We don't want to flood your inbox with news of opportunities that are not of interest to you. So, for your convenience, we have set up some volunteer Google groups/calendars. Take a look at these groups and sign up for one or more you'd like to be involved with. You'll then receive periodic updates about opportunities within this volunteer area.

And remember, we are a volunteer founded and driven organization, which means WE RELY ON YOU as volunteers.

To sign up for a group: click on the link below. Then find the link to "Join this group" on the right side of the page. Bookmark the specific group calendar(s) for easy access to upcoming opportunities.

Building and Shop Maintenance

This group will have various opportunities for fabrication, repair of tools and equipment as well as maintenance of the building and equipment. We're ready to get started with this group so there are already a few dates posted. We plan to make Wednesday evenings a volunteer night and will have tasks ready to go. We'll communicate through the group on additional opportunities.

Building and Shop Maintenance Group
Building and Shop Maintenance calendar


We need your help with everything from updating our blog to helping set up and maintain office and work spaces that run like a top. We are just getting started with this one. No dates listed yet, but you can sign up and as opportunities arise, we'll know who to talk to.

Clerical Group
Clerical calendar


We would love for the face of the organization, The Nokomis Gallery, to glow. We need curators, experienced retail sales, product photographers, folks who have juried shows, etc. We would like to interview, train and hire an actual volunteer staff to man the gallery on a regular schedule. If that is of interest to you, then we're ready for you, so sign up for this group and there will be much more to come as this group continues to develop.

Gallery Group
Gallery calendar


It's a fire arts center, the place tends to get a little rough around the edges unless we stay on top of it. We all love our gorgeous building, so join us as we whistle while we work. We'd like to get more volunteers (only board members currently housekeep for CAFAC) to commit to a regular cleaning schedule for this group. We'll rotate a schedule and post it on the calendar. Together we'll make this place will shine.

Housekeeping Group
Housekeeping calendar

Marketing and Events

We need to get the word out! We would love assistance in advertising, event planning, fundraising, creative writing, promotions, photography, catering and anything else you can think of that will help us share this great center with the community! We're just getting started in this area, so we'd love to know what skills and experience the volunteer community has to offer and then we'll figure out next steps. This group won't likely have dates posted for a while, but signing up will let us know who's out there.

Marketing and Events Group
Marketing and Events calendar

Special Projects

At CAFAC we develop and manage public art initiatives...suffice it to say you never know what I'll get you into if you subscribe to this group, but it is always fulfilling and enjoyable work that you can really get your hands dirty working on. We currently have 3 projects in the hopper so if you're ready to jump in, let me know!

Special Projects Group
Special Projects calendar